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    MOSIXVIEW Clustermanagment

    Description: MOSIXVIEW is a GUI for managing openMosix-Cluster. Everybody is invited
    to download and use it (at your own risk and responsibility).

    First big thanks to the openMosix- and Mosix-developer team. good work.
    You can adjust the main parameters of your openMosix-Cluster. It is a front-end for the "mosctl"-Commands. The "speed"of each node can be changed whith slide-buttons, that does not mean that you can increase the physical speed of a computer but you can influence what openMosix thinks what its speed is.
    My expirience is that processes will migrate a lot easier if the "speed" of the node the process is migrating to is higher than that one the process is running on.
    (i set the speed of my "home-node" very low if i run some "bigger" jobs but still want to work at this host. Than all CPU-intensive processes will migrate to other nodes and on my "home-node" the load is quite low).

    MOSIXVIEW 1.1 !!
    With precompiled RPM-packages for SuSE 7.2, RedHat 7.2 and Mandrake 8.0!
    (there were no (or better less) optical changes so no screenshots of the 1.1 version were created)

    MOSIXVIEW 1.0 out NOW !!
    With precompiled RPM-packages for SuSE 7.2, RedHat 7.1, Mandrake 8.0 and Debian!

    There are two more applications in MOSIXVIEW Version >= 1.0:

  • MOSIXMEM is (similar to MOSIXLOAD) a logfile-analyzer for your memory use on your cluster. It displays the used memory in percent of the avaiable memory on each node.

    MOSIXHISTORY displays your process-history of one whole day on your cluster. You get a processlist for each minute and you can anaylyze when which process migrates to which node.

    The MOSIXVIEW-web moved to the URL !!!
    This page here stays as a mirror.

    MOSIXVIEW 1.0 Debian package update! Thanks to Viral who packed it for Debian.
    If you have: questions, wanted features, problems during installation,
    comments, exchange of expirience etc. feel free to mail me M. Rechenburg
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    Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.
    openMosix is developed by Moshe Bar
    MOSIX is developed by Prof. Amnon Barak.
    All rights and Copyright reserved by amnon at
    SuSE Linux is a registered trademark of SuSE.
    RedHat Linux is a registered trademark of RedHat.
    Mandrake Linux is a registered trademark of Mandrake.
    Debian Linux is a registered trademark of Debian.
    MOSIXVIEW is based QT from Trolltech (please read the GPL-Licence policy)
    all other registered trademarks are owned by their owners
    "on the 8. day god invented the cluster"
    powerd by moelabs
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